H/C Bingo

Jun. 19th, 2016 06:40 pm
I got my card for h/c bingo!

Bit of a daunting one this year, I think I prefer [livejournal.com profile] clea2011's... I can't see myself doing things like heart attack or major illness to be honest as they're a bit close to life, but hostages and taking care of somebody are catnip.

Also I got alien abduction again! I'm writing porn for it this time, I swear...

My hc_bingo card )
I noticed a lot of people are doing the Write Every Day in May thing! I am psyched to see it from y'all although I am terrible at things like that myself - so I'm trying the baby challenge of Write Some Days in May...

Anyway, this is my prompt set for hurt/comfort bingo's May challenge.

suicide attempt bodyguards
blackmail trust issues

It has to be for a small fandom so I'm doing Humans, and you can use as many of the four prompts as you want. Blackmail is popping out at me so far, although trust issues wouldn't exactly be hard for poor Leo... Any suggestions?
Here are the fifteen fic recs I did for the March challenge on hurt/comfort bingo. My prompts were hostages, nightmares, and insomnia.

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polomonkey: (gwen window)
I've decided to make a last ditch effort to finish two lines on my hurt/comfort bingo before tomorrow, because I apparently I can only accomplish anything under the threat of an imminent deadline. The squares I'm covering are 'survivor's guilt' and 'dungeons'. I have a vague idea about an Arthur/Elyan fic set after the events of A Herald of the New Age for survivor's guilt, but does anyone have any dungeon related prompts?

Rarepair and femslash suggestions very welcome! It has to involve at least a bit of hurt/comfort but it can be fluffy or funny or porny as well if you want (and I don't object to a Humans prompt either, although I suppose Merlin lends itself slightly better to dungeon prompts...)

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