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3: For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

The O.C. - ha I'm sorry it's just hilarious to be reliving my time as an OC fangirl. I would say Ryan, because I always tend to cleave to the most vulnerable character on any given show...

Veronica Mars - again Logan for the vulnerable thing, but I'm sad I never got to write more Veronica perspective because she's probably one of my all time fave characters. She'd be really interesting to characterise I think, because there's so many layers. Plus, she's the Queen of Snark and that's my jam.

Sherlock - I am unrepentant Moriarty trash, god rest my soul. As long as he is a character on that show, I will probably continue to watch it, no matter how far Moffat tests my patience... Anyway his speech patterns are a lot of fun to write, and you have the bonus of reading them out loud in his accent, which is always enjoyable ;)

Merlin - it's hard to choose between Merlin and Arthur, although sometimes I feel like you can put a more original spin on Arthur's characterisation because canon left so many gaps wide open. My Arthur is usually slightly damaged in some way, and needs looking after (see above: most vulnerable character wins my undying affection).

I've also been writing Elyan recently which has been awesome, even if I'm still trying to settle on his characterisation. He's coming out quite whimsical at the moment, which is a bit unexpected... but not necessarily unwelcome.

1: How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
2: Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.
3: For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

4: Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the fic isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse?
5: If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?
6: When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?
7: Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?
8: Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.
9: Pairings: For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?
10: Pairings: Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone and written a pairing you liked, but found you couldn't write, or a pairing you didn't like, and found you could?
11: Genre: do you prefer certain genres of fic when you're writing? What kind do you tend to write most?
12: Have you ever attempted an "adaptation" fic of a favorite book or movie but set in a different fandom?
13: Do you prefer canon or fanon when you write? Has writing fanfic for a fandom changed the way you see some or even all of the original source material?
14: Ratings: how high are you comfortable with going? Have you ever written higher? If you're comfortable with NC-17, have you ever been shocked by finding that the story you're writing is G-rated instead?
15: Warnings: What do you feel it most important to warn for, and what's the strangest thing you've warned for in a fic?
16: Summaries: Do you like them or hate them? How do you come up with them, if you use them?
17: Titles: Are they the bane of your existence, or the easiest part of the fic? Also, if you do chaptered fic, do you give each chapter a title, or not?
18: Where do you get the most inspiration for your fics (aka "bunnies") from?
19: When you have bunnies, do you sit down and start writing right away, or do you write down the idea for further use?
20: Do you ever get bunnied from other people's stories or art in the same fandom?
21: Sequels: Have you ever written a sequel to a fic you wrote, and if so, why, and if not, how do you feel about sequels?
22: Have you ever participated in a fest or a Big Bang? If so, write about your favorite experience in relation to one. If not, are there any you've thought about doing? And if not, why not?
23: When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?
24: Betaing: How many betas do you like to use to make sure there aren't any major flaws in your fic? Do you have a Beta horror story or dream story?
25: Music: Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain "mood" to write your fic? Do you need noise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?
26: What is the oddest (or funniest) thing you've had to research for a fic?
27: Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?
28: Have you ever collaborated with anyone else, whether writing together, or having an artist work on a piece about your fic?
29: What is your current project or projects?
30: Do you have a favorite fic you've written? What makes it your favorite? And don't forget to give us a link

Date: 2015-09-27 09:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brunettepet.livejournal.com
I have such a soft spot for Logan. Poor boy was such a wonderful balance of soft and cocky. I couldn't get enough of him. Veronica, too. They were both smart and vulnerable and appealing. I've been reading and listening to excellent fic in that fandom lately.

Date: 2015-10-02 11:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] polomonkey.livejournal.com
Ahhh another VM fan! I love that show so much and you're so right, Logan was the perfect balance... there is some great fic out there for it too!



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